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Dry Cleaning

This is what your business is all about, and in this section you’ll find the very best of everything you need to differentiate you from the average dry cleaner.

Our Perchloroethylene is from leading suppliers Solvay. We are also the largest distributor of both Greenearth and Hydrocarbon solvents. Leading chemical manufacture Cole & Wilson supply Alex Reid with their wide range of cleaning detergents for all solvent types including HiGlo a newly developed dry cleaning solvent.

The Firbimatic range of dry cleaning machines are available in all sizes; from our smallest 10kg two tank machine to the largest industrial processing units offering a capacity of up to 80kg per cycle. These machines are available for use with all solvents including the New HiGlo range from Cole & Wilson.

All Firbimatic machines supplied by Alex Reid are fully SED Compliant and come with a full parts and labour guarantee backed by the largest directly employed specialist engineering support team in the UK.


 By using detergents properly you can expect to remove water soluble soils, eliminate static, reduce linting and keep insoluble soils in suspension preventing redeposition. It will also makes finishing easier, also help prevent fabric creasing during handling and wear.