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The largest growth area for most dry cleaners is to offer a laundry service. Alex Reid offer a complete range of laundry consumables that your business needs on a day-to-day basis. Using our extensive knowledge of the laundry and dry cleaning industries, we’ve ensured we have a complete range of supplies from detergents to solvents which include our exclusive Caretex Range.

Our experience across the sectors and with leading suppliers Cole and Wilson

and Seitz ensures we understand the needs of your laundry. Whether you need fluffy, bright white towels, to remove grass and mud stains from sports kits or need to regularly wash high volumes, our experts will tailor a detergent and chemical package that suits your needs, providing the best possible wash results day after day. As experts we can help tailor a complete laundry package of both equipment and laundry products.


 With the emergence of alternative solvents depending on what solvent is used, usually there are dedicated detergents for use with that particular solvent, and we provide all relevant products for use in all solvents along with technical back up and training. On the day of commissioning I will spend the time with you to make sure you have all the necessary information at hand to drive your business forward with your choice of solvent.